Seriously. They aren't even links telling people to buy stuff.

These two were just on posts with only pictures in them. I barely said anything in the post.

"Easily I acquiesce in but I contemplate the brief should prepare more info then it has."

"Precisely, you are right"

These were in a post where I was jst rambling on about what I had done that week or whatever.

"my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’."

"Easily I agree but I dream the brief should acquire more info then it has."

"; You saved my day again."

Yeeeeah, it's really weird...

9:44 PM

Dakota Miller Photography

Posted by Dakota

My photography business is finally up and running.
I just shot my friend's wedding, plus their engagements and bridal (pictures now online!).

You can see a lot of my work at

Also check out my FaceBook fan page (link on my website)

11:09 PM

Hannah Fall '09 - 1

Posted by Dakota

Click images for larger versions...

10:51 PM

Lilly & Nate

Posted by Dakota

Click images for larger versions...

11:59 PM

Downtown - Aerial

Posted by Dakota

Click for larger versions...

Some Aerial shots from the top of a parking garage.

They were kinda boring, so I messed around with the color on some.

11:21 PM

Dakota Miller Photography

Posted by Dakota

Coming soon,!

10:04 PM

Updates to the blog

Posted by Dakota

Yep! I've added a new theme to Life of Dakota.

I've also added music so be sure to turn your speakers up!

I should also mention that my brother, Elijah, just got a blog.

Jedi Boy

Designed by yours truly.

10:00 PM

Downtown - Window

Posted by Dakota

This is at the courthouse, taken from the boardwalk across the street.

I love all the detail in old buildings, such as the carving on the window frame.

I think this was cropped from another photo.

9:54 PM

Downtown - Doors

Posted by Dakota

You may have noticed this in the last post.
Some interesting colored doors on an old riverside building.

The original version.

9:38 PM

Downtown - Little House on the Roof

Posted by Dakota

Here is a local landmark. The little house used to be painted pink, and it can be seen from I-20.
Last year it was remodeled, and painted grey.

Here is a slightly photoshopped version.