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Posted by Dakota

In my house, we only have satalite in out living room and my parents bedroom.
In my room I only have regular TV, and the chances of ME getting to watch what I want are smaller than my chihuahua's brain. lol

So I buy TV seasons to watch.

I started with my Mom buying several seasons of Alias.

And I keep getting more.

I have watched:
Dinotopia (1)
Smallville (1-6)
Alias (1-5)
Scrubs (1-6)
Psych (1)
The New Adventures of Old Christine (1)
Friends (1-2)
The Office (1-3)

All of the shows I watch don't have another season comming out until this Fall, so I'm watching Friends. I have watched seasons 1-2 and I'm getting season 3 soon.

At Target, seasons of Friends are only $19.99 while at F.Y.E., they are $34.99!

I like Crime shows (C.S.I., Numb3rs, Bones, Cold Case, etc) but I don't think I could stand to watch a whole season of them. :P

I think that I'm going to buy Season 1 of My Name is Earl soon.
I just saw that on TBS the other day and I LOVED it!

Thiss Fall when the seasons are released on DVD, I'm buying:
Smallville (7)
Scrubs (7)
Pushing Daisies (1)
Psyche (2)
The New Adventures of Old Christiene (2)
The Office (4)

Not all at once, but I AM gettig them all by Mayish. lol

Sick Update

Elijah is out of the hospital!
He and Mom are at Target getting perscriptions (And season 3 of Friends. lol)
They will be home soon. (Back to the insaity of my house).