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It's been a while...

Posted by Dakota

Over a month actually.

Lets see...

Elijah (my brother) is sick AGAIN!
He now has Strep Throat.

Last night was my homeschool group's Jr./Sr. banquet.
This year it had a medieval theme and most people dressed up in medieval costumes.
(I didn't bring my camera so I have to wait until someone posts some pics on FaceBook)
Since I'm a Sophomore, I got to be a server along with Molly, Kelsie, Gary, and Billy.
We helped our chef, Mrs. June, in the kitchen helping fix salads and put the meal together on the plates.

My night went something like this:

At 6:00, my ride picked me up.
At 6:30 we arrived.
Then I started clearing off a counter and laying out the salad plates onto it.
Afterwards, all five of the servers went out and gave everyone their glasses.
Then, me, Billy, and Gary set up sort of an assembly line fixing the salads while Molly and Kelsie fixed everyone's drinks. Then Molly came and put the dressing on the salads.
Once that was done, and all 41 salads were completed, we began taking them to the tables.
Once we served all of the salads, we realised that our guest speaker (who was sitting apart from everyone else) didn't have a glass or a salad so I rushed back to the kitchen, grabbed a glass, put some ice in it and snatched the salad stuff from the fridge and quickly put it together and took it to him.
After their salads, there was a couple of contests. So the servers get a break, right? haha No.
We were all in the kitchen in an assembly line butting the food on the plates.
Then, the contests were over so Billy and Gary started taking plates out so it was only me, Molly, and Kelsie fixing plates. I was going back and forth putting the chicken and corn on the plates, Molly was putting rice and gravy on the plates, and we kept messing up forgetting to add one thing or another. Kelsie sprinkled some pecans on top of the chicken. She apparently can't multi-task. :P
Then, when Gary and Billy had served all of the plates, and everyone was eating, we got to take a five minute break and eat! Yay!
It was so hot in the kitchen, especially with 7 people in there, so we went outside to eat.
While we were eating, some of the people got up to dance (there were two people there showing them how to dance).
It was fun to watch, but they just kept going, and going, and going, and going, and going...
Mr. Danny wondered if they were supposed to dance until all but one group had passed out and they would be the winners. lol
Then, everyone returned to their seats and we started taking their plates.
While that was happening, Molly was in the kitchen putting slices of cheesecake onto plates.
Once we got all of the dessert ready, we put them on a table outside the kitchen, but since it wasn't quite time for them to eat it, Gary had to guard the cheesecake. lol
Then they were finally allowed to eat their dessert and all of the servers were in the kitchen helping clean up.

Finally it was over. The Jr.s and Sr.s were having their pictures taken.
And so all of the servers got a picture taken, too.

Then Mom came to help clean up. Ugh, I wanted to go home sooooooo bad. My feet were killing me from standing up so long. But, we helped put up plates, sort out the silverware, and put the glasses back in boxes. But Elijah was feeling bad, so Mom decided to leave early.

This morning we took him to the doctor and found out he has Strep Throat.

I had a lot of fun last night, but I am so glad I am a Jr. next year, and won't be a server. lol
I haven't got a chance to talk to any on the Jr.s or Sr.s today so I don't know how their side of the kitchen wall was.