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Vampires, Books, and Midnight Reading

Posted by Dakota

Today, is August 2nd.
Also known as the release of Breaking Dawn, the 4th and final book in the Twilight Saga.

And since my Mom is so wonderful, and my brother had no choice, she took me to the Midnight Release party at Books-A-Million! So I got to be one of the first in my town to get the book!

Ok, so it wasn't a "party". What little they did have planned started an hour late, and it was only a few trivia questions and a raffle. woohoo... :P

About 11:30 they had us all line up at the register to get the book at 12:01.
Thankfully, I was one of the first 10. The line wound all the way to from the registers, to the middle isle, and then looped back to the front of the store and out the door.

We all stared at our phones for 30 mins until it finally said 12:00 and just about everyone screamed "IT'S MIDNIGHT!!!" The line moved quickly since we all had vouchers for the book (Which I had bought that morning).

I had read online that there was gonna be a costume contest (There wasn't).
I didn't dress up, but there was this one girl who dressed up like Bella when Edward dragged her off to the prom (he insisted that she have as many human experiences as possible before he turned her into a vampire). The girl was wearing a blue prom dress, a high heel shoe on one foot, and on the other, a fake cast.

I did win a button that says "I was bitten by Breaking Dawn" and some stickers.

We went to Wal Mart afterwards, so i didn't get home until 2:00ish, and then I didn't get to read until 3:00 AM. I only read for an hour and forty five minutes... so until 4:45...
I wound up sleeping until 2:00 PM... Eight hours of sleep, but still, Two Freakin' O'clock?! Oh, well. I've been reading since about 3, and stopped at 6:30. I have to eat eventually.

And, in case anyone is wondering, THIS IS THE BEST OF THE FOUR BOOKS!!!
So much has happened, and I'm not even halfway done. Instead of naming it "Breaking Dawn", it should have been named the tittle of chapter nine: "Sure as Hell didn't see that coming". Far more appropriate.

Well, I need to visit some more sites before returning to see what more trouble Bella can get into.


Wolbachia said...

Ah, Jake's chapter titles were the best. I completely agree that the book should have been called "Sure As Hell Didn't See That Coming." XD