So, not much has been going on lately.

Just co-op classes. Chemistry... blech...

I'm taking Guitar, it's fun so far. I think my teacher will give me a simple song to learn next week.

I'm also taking art. I'm working on an oil painting of an oak tree.
The first week, while I was drawing it, Mrs. Lee asked me what kind of tree it was.
"Ummm... I don't know... An oak?" "I want you to work on it this week, and when you get here next week, I want you to tell me what kind it is."

Later that day, I passed her in the hall and she asked if I had decided what kind it was.
"It's a MAGICAL tree!" lol

The painting is comming along good. She is having me paint the sky without using any white, so the sky is a little dark... I'll post a pic later when the sky is %100 finished.