Once again, I am going to be in my homeschool group's Science and Social Studies fair. (yay...)

Last year, my project was on The Black Plague and I won third place.

This year, I'm doing Louisiana Myths & Legends.

Hopefully I'll be able to cover: The Honey Island Swamp Monster, Voodoo, Marie LaVeau, Jean Lafitte, Louisiana Vampires, Louisiana Indian myths, and Louisiana Zombies.

I have two weeks left and I only have info for Jean Lafitte, Marie LaVeau, and The Honey Island Swamp Monster. YIKES!

Last year, Paige won first place with her project on Wedding Planning,

Nathaniel won second place with his project on NATO,

and I won third place with my project on The Black Plauge.

More information to come!

Wish me luck!