11:24 PM

Sweet 16

Posted by Dakota

I'm finally 16!

Tuesday night, me and my family went to Olive Garden.
There were two other people who had birthdays there also.
I like to have died every time the waiters and waitresses started singing.

This is the second year in a row that I have gotten $100 from my parents to spend on my birthday.That, plus the $20 I had been saving, the $80 from relatives, and a $50 gift card to American Eagle a friend gave me, I had $250 to blow.

So, Wensday (My birthday) I woke up feeling kinda sick, and my brother has been sick for a while so we wound up spending half of the day at the doctor's office.

That evening, I went to the Mall and Target.
I got two pairs of jeans from... Somewhere... , two shirts from American Eagle (Only two shirts were $55! That place is so expensive, but they hardly have anything... I'm a Wal Mart / Target shopper ), a new pair of shoes (I think the dog tried to eat mine...), season 3 of "The Office" on DVD, season 1 of "Psych", a CD/DVD/book shelf rack stand thingy, a Trisha Yearwood CD... And I think that's it...

I still have $50ish left.

Afterwards, I went to IHOP and had the "Vive La French Toast" (With a side order of hash browns. I loooooooove hash browns). YUM!

Thursday, my Homeschool group has these classed that some of us go to.
Practically everyone (even little kids that I don't know) told me happy birthday. lol

Today me and Dad went to see "The Spiderwick Chronicles". It was... ok...Nick/Paramount changed a lot of stuff. It had the basic storyline of the books. The same beginning (Kinda) and the very end was the same. Other than that... They wrote their own middle.

And the acting could have been better, but it was still a good movie though.