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CHA Graduation 2008

Posted by Dakota

This was a while back, But I decided to go ahead and blog it.

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As High school comes closer, and closer to ending, more and more of my friends are graduating.

This year, some of my good friends graduated. Katlyn, Stephanie, Morgan, and Emily. (Though I know almost all of the graduates.)

The ceremony was nice, all of the graduates walked down the isle and onto the stage.
Katlyn led everyone in the pledge of allegence,
Steph gave the opening speach,
Ned, Steph, and Julianna sang while Jenny played the piano,
Thewe was another speach,
We watched some videos that someone made of the graduates kind of interviewing them, and asking about their favorite high school moments, what they liked about homeschooling, etc.
Then, the parents came up and gave their chidren their diplomas.

Kind of hard to believe that I'll be up there soon.

All 7 images in the photograph were taken by me, and photoshoped together by me.