7:21 PM

17th Birthday

Posted by Dakota

So yeah, I’m 17.
I normally just get money from my parents and go shopping so I can get what I want, so today we went to the park and let my lil’ bro play with some of his friends for a couple of hours, then we had lunch with three of his friends and their Mom at El Chili Verde, a local Mexican restaurant, so of course the waiters came out to sing happy birthday in Spanish and then in English and put a sombrero on my head.

We then went to the mall and I got a few shirts and a CD, I had to leave pretty quickly to go home and get ready for the movies.

Earlier in the week I had asked several of my friends if they wanted to go to the movies.
But of course this girl had her MONTH LATE birthday party on MY BIRTHDAY. So, after five friends said they were going there, and a couple more were out of town, my friend Jonathan said he could go.
So me and Jonathan saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop. It was really funny, and was pretty good until the middle when it got kinda cheesy, and went down from there. Yet, it was still good. It’s hard to explain I guess.

Now I am sitting in my bed watching Rosie O’Donnell on The Late, Late Show while typing this on my laptop, and feeling reallllllly tired. So G’Night!